A monthly subscription for home learning inspiration

 What You’ll Receive Each Month:

♥️ 10 Simple and Easeful activity ideas each month in a simple and beautiful pdf
♥️  Supply lists and links and book recommendations
♥️ Printables and custom artwork 
♥️ Ways to connect to the changing seasons
♥️ Valuable knowledge about nature that can be learned as you explore
♥️ Easy integration without needing to purchase a lot (supply lists are available but most activities can be adapted to use what you have around your home)
♥️ Simple Rhythms that your family can repeat year after year
♥️ guidance on full moon energies for each month
♥️ Time tested wisdom about natural learning that has been gathered on my homeschooling journey 
♥️ Manageable ideas that can be adapted for your actual life 

Cost: $15 Per month

See A Sample of What You Get Each Month 

Things You Should Know

Who Am I?

A homeschooling mama with an 8 and 11 year old.

An astrologer and parent support coach.

A lover of childlike wonder

A student of the natural world.

A human who loves natural and seasonal rhythms.

I am constantly amazed by the brilliance of children and the depth of the natural world.

I love to bring the two together and watch the magic unfold.

These pages are an offering of love. May they inspire and guide you to find your own easeful space in nature and with your children.

Relax into love.


Leah Rupp

What you can expect

♥️ Minimal preparation needed and no complicated steps

♥️ Everything is process based, no need for perfection

♥️ Take what you’re drawn to and leave the rest

♥️ Many of the activities cross over more than one subject

♥️ The knowledge of the natural world can build itself over time 
 Eligible for reimbursement using charter funds

♥️ Each month you will receive your subscription online. You will be able to download your digital subscription in pdf form. Easy printables will be included as well.

What Age is it for?

All ages of humans can enjoy these activities, though you will need to intuitively adapt them as your child grows. Repeat them year after year and watch the learning emerge!