The School For Empowered Parents

For Parents Who Want More for Their Families

I support parents who want to step into new ways of being with their child.

Some of us sense that more is possible in our families, but we feel caught and tangled up in repetitive patterns.

In 6 or 12 weeks you’ll receive 12 sessions walking you through the following topics to support you in new ways of being with your child.

+ Personal boundaries
+ Emotional safety
+ Working with triggers
+ Healthy communication
+ Circle of belonging
+ Individual expression
+ Unwinding relationship patterns
+ Holding a family vision

I am trained as an astrologer, human design reader, holistic energy worker, and Purejoy parenting coach.

I use all of these modalities as tools in my sessions.

I don’t tell anyone how to parent. Together, we get to the bottom of who you really want to be in your family, and support you to live into that true expression.

I work from the inside out, supporting parents to see the sources of confusion, conditioning, and patterns that no longer work for them.

I empower parents to live into the full expression of who they are as individuals, and as a creator in their home.

Program Cost |

12 Weeks – $1222 (split into two payments)

6 Weeks – $677 (split into two payment)

Group option, gather 1-3 friends to go on this journey with you and you and your friends will all receive a $100 discount.  Email me at for this option.

Program goals

+ Greater understanding of yourself
+ Understanding of each unique individual in your home
+ Step into a greater sense of vision for your family
+ See underlying patterns that prevent your full expression as a human and a parent
+ Gain a capacity for riding emotional waves and holding emotional safety in your family
+ Gain practical tools that can support you in shifting what you want to shift.

“I wish I could express how I feel so much more grounded in myself and the insights we created together are settled deep in my bones already. And how cool that it was during this powerful full moon! Xoxoxo” – Anonymous Client

Start Your 12 Weeks - $1222Start Your 6 Weeks - $677